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Building Science is a difficult and boring subject. We make it easy and interesting by incorporating Instructional design and historical approach. In fact you can experience this new way of learning by enrolling in our new course. 

Who is it for?

We create content mainly for Civil engineers. But, learners and professionals from other backgrounds like Architecture, Interior design or any construction degree can also find so much of value. Try our new course for free and find by yourself!

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Join our Introduction to Building construction course for free!!. We made this course available for free for a short period of time. So enrol in it ASAP.

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Why BuildingStudies

Colleges are active form of learning. Once a class is over then, you can very rarely approach to your professor and discuss about a topic. But, at you can visit our website at any time. You can read our articles and watch our courses at a comfortable location. You can ask doubts without hesitation. And most importantly we are helpful even at work.

How do we make it interesting

  While learning any concept your brain triggers many thoughts and imaginations. We try to answer them at the first place by using right images and by quoting the history behind the emergence of that  concept. After your brain is satisfied with the answer you will feel more interested and motivated to consume the content. 

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What do we have for you

There are different ways to learn and we don’t want to miss an opportunity to serve you the form of learning that you like.

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We have designed online courses with utmost care. They will equip you with the maximum knowledge that you need before working on the site.

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We have an active blog where, we write interesting articles, share ebooks, slides and infographics on various topics related to Building science.

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