Introduction to Building science

This is a perfect course to start your career in building construction industry. We have designed it for absolute beginners. You will gain good understanding about the basic concepts of building construction by the end of this course. You will know about how this industry has evolved from ancient times. And, you will also go through essential features of various types buildings.

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Short videos with lots of interesting information.

Not just an introduction

Apart from introduction, you will also go through the History of buildings and also learn about the features of different buildings.

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Frequently asked questions

A common man looks towards the building in a completely different way from the worker involved in construction of the building. A worker involved in construction of a building looks towards the building in a different way from a professional like an architect or an engineer. 

Through this course i.e;  Introduction to the Building Science we will help you to think like an engineer or an architect. You will look at buildings in a whole new perspective after completing this course.

 This course has been designed for engineers, architects and all the students of building construction. 

This course has been designed for complete beginners. Every thing has been described right from the basics and definitions. So, you can start without any knowledge about the topic. 

You will first go through the fundamentals and definitions. Then, you will enjoy the videos of  history of building construction industry. Finally, we will look through the features, history and advantages of each and every type of building.

Yeah! you can access it forever after you enrol.